Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 28

~ a Biore moment... brought to you by the "Free Sample" newsletter that shows up in my inbasket every week.
We get a lot of neat stuff as free samples. :D

Today was another mild day...
Not as awesome as yesterday,
But hey... it's the end of October.
And I got to skate while Ed was at Karate. :)

I had a rough start to today...
yesterdays headache turned into this mornings migraine.
We did breakfast with the school boys... and I was feeling it kick in to the full-swing-zone.
I popped a maxalt, emailed my boss, and climbed back in bed.
An hour or so later... I was fine. :D

My clients authorized a little work-from-my-office time on their project,
So, no downtown today or tomorrow.
(that project is really going great. :D)

Now if I can just get a couple of new contracts under my belt for the winter, I'll be all set. :D

Dear Universe:
Thank you for today.
I cherish the gifts of this life...
Of each day...
Of this day.

[ :: Centralia :: ]
I heard a comedian making a reference to this town...
What a truly sad and amazing thing.
"Town on fire... for the last forty years!!"
~ in Pennsylvania!

Watching the newest season of Dexter.
OMG they come up with the best lines for Deb.
Holy smack.
I mean, seriously!!


ps. Now that Limewire is officially dead... where ought I go to replace it.??

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