Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 27

~ had argyle sox on... :)

No idea where today came from... got up to 20 and stayed sunny all day.
Of course, I was at downtown client land...
Very good day... as far the work goes.

But the sudden shift from gloomy, cold and wet to sunny and warm was some kind of trigger.
:( I spent the day nursing a bad back-of-the-head-headache.

home... call in pizza, drive to grocery store for some very quick "perimeter groceries", pick up pizza...
and home again.
Eat eat eat... (damn good pizza, but I'm thirsty all night after this stuff)
And head back out to a homeowners association meeting.

Now it's all about curling up with Z to watch ... maybe some castle... then to bed.
The advil I took after work... helps...but this isn't over.
Oh, and it's a big wind night.
and no, that doesn't refer to farting.
I mean... house shake'en big ass awesome wind. :D

"I will love you forever, care for you and never stop letting you know how wonderful you are."
"... what did I do to deserve this?"
"Loved me back."

k... time for curling-up. :D
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