Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 26

~ got a new frame last weekend...
for the "star trek generations" giant poster. It's waiting for me to feel industrious. :D
It goes on the wall in the theater room beside the Bewitched giant poster... beside the Half Blood Prince giant poster...
The star trek was a gift years and years ago... from my brother-in-law, I think.
The other two were... acquired at movie theaters...
la la la...

Today was unusually warm.
Started cold... got warmer all day long... started raining... and got cold again.
I opted to drive Ed to Karate so I could jump into the skatepark for some "hey it's so warm out",
and of course, it started raining as I arrived at the park.
le sigh.

I put a smallish pork roast in the oven before I left for Karate.
It was delicious.

A seriously missed birthday moment
~ Happy Birthday kitiara. This last was the year of the Puppy.
Next up... the year of the dog!!! May all the moments from Puppy to Dog... be as rewarding as all get out! :D

Lots of elect'en go'en on in O town.
We brought in the consensus guy and threw out the bum they elected in Toronto.
Well... ok, we threw out our bum, and Toronto elected their own.
As usual... Toronto taking it's queue from Ottawa and being a year behind.
Talk to me in two years after Mr. Toronto Business Boy has crapped everything up.

K... so today had it's totally-awesome moment. :)
I worked at my office, so no downtown gym for me. !!
11 AM rolled around I made for the gym to meet Jessy for a "weights-day"
(because it just sounds weird to say "upper body workout with Jessy")
As that work out ended... and we finished the post work out stretch...
And there ... coming up the hall to change for the Body Pump class...
Is Bianca... the other Mrs. Totally awesome from my old job.
She's 6 feet tall and wears 3 inch heels... (she kinda rocks. :D)
And... behind her... was Suz...
She was going to the Pump class too.
Soooooo... there I was, with Jess, Bianca and Suz.
You have to understand... any moment like that... is an awesome moment. :D


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