Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 25

Downtown clients today...
Got some good analysis done :D
Great work-out at lunch.
Mondays - at the gym - can be a shock to the system when I'm good and lazy all weekend. :)
The day vanished in a blaze of actually staying focused on one thing...

A lot of things people say and do,
Are incorrectly branded as racist.
I mean, come on... actual racism,
Is something you work at...
Something you recognize and elect to embrace.
The rest of this stuff... honestly, I think
Most of it is just simple dumb-ass'ishness.
It changes the complextion of things
When you make it a big deal for no good reason.
You lose a great chance to point out someones dumbass'ishness.
We can stamp out racism... I mean, it'll take time...
But it's absolutely do'able.
However... you are never ever going to stamp out
Not a chance.

Canada has to borrow helicopters, helicopter parts and helicopter resources...aka: mechanics
For tier one emergency rescues.
Canada has to buy old, used submarines... that hopefully don't catch fire in mid-ocean...
But, for some reason, Canada can afford to buy into the worlds most expensive, fancy ass, super sonic stealth war master jet... er... jets...
So saving Canadians in trouble on our own shores and coastlines...
Is less important than blowing up strangers in strange lands.
... time for a "dumbass"!

Ottawa is busy electing a new mayor, new ward councilors and education board trustees.
The school board trustees should be (used to be) unpaid volunteer - elected, but totally an "extra" thing somebody did.
Sadly, now those trustees need staff and full technology encrusted office environments... oh, and their paid. Well.
Of course, the councilors... are the people who are supposed to hold the public servants to accounts in the combined effort... elected officials, public servants... to fulfill the strategic goals and objectives of the city. These people (the councilors) need... NEED... to be smart enough to learn about the issues that come to their tables, and capable enough as strategic leaders to guide with one hand and hold back with the other.
And, of course, then there's the mayor. This should be the seat of the great consensus builder.
Not a paragon of faith, a titan of industry, or media sensation.
The mayor needs to be able to coral the cats ... er... the councilors, back to the strategic plan, back from the edge, and to rally them again down a justified and well aligned path.

So we'll see what we get here in O Town. :)

k... see ya tomorrow. :D

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