Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 24

These are the real days of fall.
Rain around every corner and fifteen new reasons to find something warm to wear.

But saturday made it's mark with sunshine...
almost perfect coffee...
and time at my moms house... she was having an art show at their house. :D

Today was a trip to Ikea.
and really? just a lot of chill'en out. :D

On Wealth, Time and Happiness
When we look at the big scale we use to measure the haves and have nots...
we can ignore the two thin edges of the bell.
There will always be the marginalized and the marginalizers...
But the people who make up the vast and mass...
Well they divide into two very special categories...
Two sides of the same potential.
They seem to swirl around you like the two proverbial ends-of-a-tunnel.
People who make more money than you, have no time, don't know their kids, sleep with their admin assistant, and can afford loads of things... that they'll never break.
And then people who make less, ... pay less tax, play an actual sport, sometimes even with their kids and likely sleep with their partners.
When you peel away all that detail... account for expenses, taxes and the cost of keeping up,
They pretty much have the same net income.
Just different potentials.
Very different choices.
Very different lives.

K... time to go. :)
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