Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 21

~ clearly, some days are better than others.

Oh, and I would love to know what magic words to say to Bell Tech support to advance your service ticket from the DEN OF HALF DEAD MONKEYS to level two support.

I got good work done today.
You know that vibe when you're in it... and you just know it's good. :)

Otherwise... today was crap.

Oh wait... no, the gym was freaking great.
but yeah... otherwise... la la la...

I'm dealing with all that by making brownies.
There are only a very select few things that are not improved ... with brownies.
If you're at all like me, just reading that makes you start to think about things that might not necessarily go well with brownies.
If you're a lot like me... it all went down hill from there. :D

The director of communications at NAVCAN sent me a personal email last night!!
He's got nuth'en... but he a) actually contacted me, and b) promised to look into it and get back to me next week.
So far... he's the only contact.

Dr. Oz - the most dangerous doctor in America - is telling us that a wicked back of calf leg cramp...
You're prol'y about to have a heart attack... and die.
I've had three of those... and one just wicked...
in the last few days.
So...either I need to eat a banana because I'm potassium deficient
Or I'm about to die... and have my legs amputated.
Check with me tomorrow.


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