Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 20

Hola. Argyle wednesday. :)

Today was so-so...
Weather was good... very windy, kinda cold.
Up on the wrong side of the bed, and work was very head-down-reading-writing...
So ... eh.

The gym was good... got a good lower body and ab work out.
I tried to keep that vibe but ... alas... earwax.

Never-the-less... I am healthy and happy and ... I shouldn't complain about one off day. :)

Today is Geo's fifteenth birthday (despite what his facebook profile says... lol)
I recall the fear on Suzanne's face when we loaded him into a car seat for the trip home from the hospital.
I remember how my heart was swelling ... bursting with pride as I phoned my folks to tell them that George Richard had joined the team.
Gender was a surprise... we had no clue.
George had been called "Rocky" throughout his stay at camp womb,
Because he was our little fighter... holding on and staying healthy.
Nothing in my life... not one other thing now and forever...
Will compare to the overwhelming joy of becoming a parent.
Geo introduced me to that feeling... and Edward backed it up.
He is a smart, funny, and very well loved young man.
He has never stopped making me proud to be a father.
Happy birthday my little man... happy birthday.

On our flight to Calgary, we were an hour and a half into the flight... still somewhere over Ontario I'd wager...
When my seat mate and I observed another commercial jet flying straight at us.
Ultimately... it appeared to pass about 400 meters behind us... and less than 100 meters below.
And in my book... with the entire freaking sky to work with... that was too darn close.
I think there are rules...
I sent a letter to Air Canada, Nav Can, and the pres of the Air Traffic Controllers Union.
Now lets see if anybody answers me.

So spokesperson for junior hockey was on the radio commenting on recent changes to the rules that make more types of head-hits against the rules.
He was complaining...
Complaining about how hard it is to change the hockey culture...
How the NHL has to change first...
Blah blah blah blah.
Then I pushed the special button that blows up totally useless, pathetic excuses for human beings.
First: you start a change to hockey culture with the kids.
Second: shutthefuckup... they should make more and more and more and more rules for hockey.
Despite the camaraderie... Despite the teamwork, fun, athleticism, whatever...
Kids hockey continues to be a playground for abusers.
Abusive parents, abusive coaches, abusive teens.
And if you can't wrap your collective shrunken heads around a few more rules to protect kids from concussions...
Well then screw you and the hockey stick you rode in on.

See ya. :)

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