Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 19

~ my guilty secret...
This thing I'm wearing... it's the "insert" to a three-in-one ski jacket ... from about fifteen ... eighteen? years ago.
It's awful. lol
Suz hates it... for very reasonable reasons.
Thing is, I only wear it - when it's cold - to nick out to the garage, for whatever reason.
It's just easy to pull on and off... :D

Flying home from Calgary is a bit of a burn...
The two hours I so gladly added to my Sunday,
Came off the top of my Monday.
So I left Calgary at 6 and got to my home at 1 in the morning.
Seriously... Sunday morning to Monday night... felt like a week.

I enjoyed the flight home, but that was because I was sitting
with a young woman, five months along with her first baby. :)
We had lots to blab about.

Now I'm back to reality again with a dozen things to get done at work.
I'm a little stressed out... but that's ok.
It's just a "little".

Hey France
Stop being such a big baby.

We don't go to many sporting events...
But I think I'd buy a ticket to see Jobs and Balsillie duke it out in a boxing ring.
oh oh ... and they could hit each other with smart-phone products.
I wonder who's product makes a better projectile weapon?

k... see ya. :D

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