Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 17

~ waves hello :D
K.. long day, and it's not over yet. :)

Up at the crack o'dawn and on the road by 7, to catch an 8:45 flight.
Everything went smooth with the airport and my seat mate for the four plus hour flight was a very nice woman with whom there was pretty much constant blabbing about everything for the first two hours. :)
(despite how that sounds, it was lovely to actually interact with someone nice instead of just living under noise canceling headphones.)
I was caught off guard by how beautiful the mountains look... unreal actually.
A distant line of white craggy peaks, like Calgary existed on the tongue of some vast beast and the mountains are it's row of scary teeth.

It's cold. Zero when I got here at 11 local time.
It warmed up to 10 by early afternoon...
Which was when I made my way to the shaw millenium skate park.
Big Park.
I had a blast but there were a lot of kids here...
I saw some serious bails.
dude on a bmx, fails in mid air over a 20 foot drop/ledge and slams the ledge with his ass...
two skaters... full on body slam into each other ... you could feel the thud in your chest.
... AND... I'm clearly in western canada... there was no shortage of teens smoke'en doobs at the top of scary ramps off to one end of the park.

I really had fun... although, I have to admit I spent more time than usual checking on the status of my backpack.
As much as I want to sing the virtues of skater kids... I had to admit with this crowd, I needed to be alert.

You could spend a whole summer just developing 'lines' to skate through in this giant park. :D
Oh, and I did stand over something scary and talked myself into skating it...
This is ... kinda what it's all about... facing something impossible and making it real.

~ dropping in on the "challenge myself" ledge... (row of dudes eyeball'en me... lol).

~ huge park...

~ big 'expert' features...

I spent the first two hours in the hotel reviewing material...
Now... after a giant room service dinner...
I'm going to do another dry run and see how i feel.
If I'm good to go... I think I'll be taking a nap. :D

I am ridiculously tired.

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