Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 15

Yeah, lovely day! Just freak'en rain and wind and cold and ... ug.
Hello October.


I rolled over at 5... groaned with a headache.
Got up and took an advil gel cap.
Rolled over at 6... moaning with a full on migraine
Staggered to bathroom... found a maxalt
Popped it on my tongue and let it dissolve.
Lurch back to bed and ask zee to run the show.
By nine, I was good to go...
Well, by eight actually, but the bed was warm. :)

Downtown clients for a quick meeting...
Then off to visit my sis, bring her a monitor we weren't using...
Pick up one of my pcs... that she wasn't using.
Heading back to my office... stop for a coffee with a friend,
And spend the rest of the day practicing my presentation...
Not nervous... not worried... just really want to be drastically ready.
When you fly across the country to give a two hour show and tell...
You have to expect ... the universe to try and bite you.
Apparently... "just 'cuz".

Home... to pack up family and make 'em all go out for shawarma.
First shawarma for the boys. :D
Fatush salads, roasted potatoes, chicken and garlic shawarmas and pop...
In a restaurant that spared every possible expense when it comes to decor. :D
And it was - of course - fabulous.
You see... Ottawa sports the best shawarma restaurants... in the world.
Something to do with the high numbers of Lebanese and Greek immigrants that settled here.
Regardless... the best in the world.
So yea, it was fabulous. :)

You think it's hard to get something?
Listen up and listen good.
It's way harder to keep something.
Rest is for suckers.


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