Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 14

Today started with what I'm going to go-out-on-a-limb and call a "weather induced" headache.
It went from clear blue and beautiful yesterday... to rainy, gloomy and cold today. :(
This is a angry-noodle recipe - of late.
It's almost 9 at night now and for the first time all day, I'm doing pretty good. :D

Work was ok... I'm still learning the ways of things... and getting the "cycles" sorted out.
No... not those cycles. I had those sorted in the first month.
No, I mean the business reporting cycles... from the outpost base command ships back to the galactic overlords in the core.
(we're a base ship... :D)
There's extra servings of stress floating around.
ah well.
I spent the day working on the presentation I'm giving in calgary.
practicing... making notes, listening to recordings, worrying about room size, which shoes to wear blah blah blah gah!

It's a process. :D

Cool gym thing. :)
Today was upper body day.
After the cardio warm up...
And then after doing a series of standing and prone reps with hand weights,
I do the bench stuff.
(remember, I got some advice on formatting this part of the work out?)
So, I do two sets of ten reps on each of the flat, incline and decline benches (bench pressing)
The new plan includes tracking different weight on each bench type, based on goals, capability and the overall differences between the muscles used on the three benches.
And to keep changing the order that I do them in.
Well the incline bench gives me the most trouble with my shoulder... I have to use the lowest weight there and try and work through the reps.
The decline is where I have the most strength, and I use the most weight there.
And the flat bench is somewhere in the middle.
So far so good.
Well I was feeling a bit off today.
And I got confused.
I put the heaviest weight on the incline.
And I only realized when I went to put the weights on the decline.
That means I pounded off twenty presses in two sets of ten with a weight I couldn't do on that bench, let alone do it without really hurting my shoulder.
Lesson: a lot of this is mental. more than I had would have believed.
Very cool!
(at this stage, btw, my "heaviest" weight is 145... my goal is to get 155, full sets, on all benches)

Ok... so the cool cisco phone (soft phone) thing is cool but there's some geek infested reason why it wont work outside of the office network.
The dream of bringing an interface to my desk phone with me on business trips is fading.
However... googles gmail-phone is the freaking bomb! :)
If you don't have a laptop with a mic and speakers, then get a cheep headset... and a gmail account.
Free calls anywhere in Can and the US to anywhere in Can and the US... for as long as you want.
I mean... you dial a normal phone number from the interface in gmail and presto...
Just wicked.

Just when you think you have it all figured out
It will change.
That's why you don't need to figure me out.
I am just what you see, just as I am,
For now and forever.


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