Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 13

Outstanding day. :D :D
My office... getting sorted for Calgary (leave on sunday morning, come home monday night)
small challenge...
I arrived to this!

Thankfully our company is masterful at practicing what they preach.
(we show other people how to be awesome :D)
I had a new hard drive and full image in an hour. :)

Total ab madness today at the gym. omg...
and today was haircut day.
Suz has this girl that works at a local "spa"...
She has a little side business of home-visit hair care.
So today was me, Geo and Ed chop day.

It was quite something to watch the first miner get rescued last night.

It is almost embarrassing to watch the people who are actually the leaders of our country,
Blame the leader of the official opposition for the UN Security council snub.

Ed and I made cheesecake last night.
We had it for dessert tonight. :D
You have to understand... this is a crazy-simple cheesecake to make. :D :D
It's not too rich... not sweet... just delicious. :)

~ crust (1 1/4 cups of graham crumbs, 1/3 cup butter, tablespoon of sugar)
melt butter, mix it all up, press it gently into the bottom of whatever pan your making the cake in.
Put that pan in the oven and set it to 200, ... when it preheats to 200, turn it off and take it out. :D
~ cheese cake (1 package of cream cheese - I use low fat, "light" cream cheese, 500 mls - middle size carton - whipping cream, 1 tbl spoons of icing sugar, 1 tsp vanilla)
Just put it all in a bowl and beat with electric beater... it thickens!!
Pour it, scoop it, onto the graham crumb crust.
Scoop on cheery pie filling, or blueberry pie filling...
Put it all in the fridge till tomorrow. :D

When I put the cell phone plan in place for Geo
I felt good about the 5$ month / 500 text messages plan.
When you look up "naive" on wikipedia...
There's a full screen picture of me!

k... see ya.

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