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Mornin LJ. (swish swish) yup it's noisy pants day again...
Tomorrow will be a really fun day... Taking the day off work to go to Geo's (5 yr olds') new 'french immersion' school and meet the teacher, look around and intro Geo to the place. I luv that stuff. There'll be the tiny little chairs, low profile water fountains and cutest of all - by far - the little bitty looking-like-toys toilettes in the bathrooms. I always get the feeling I'm living in a Calvin & Hobbes panel when I do anything at the little guys school.
So, by contrast, today will be less great than tomorrow - however, I am primed up for a great day. One of the guys that works for me just made me soooo happy. He called yesterday telling me that he was po'ed about doing part of a project the way we had planned - and that was, as he admits, mostly 'cause he did not understand it. So I tell him to come into the office first thing today and we'll go over it... I tell him I understand it ("it" being the technology in question) and have used it before in production...
Now, ... I haven't.
I'm banking on his super competitive personality not liking the idea that I know something he doesn't so by the time he shows up this morning he has totally mastered this tech and is loaded for bear. He's waiting for me when I get in and the first thing I tell him is that I lied yesterday and am ready to go over the documentation with him... my crafy plan at work. We get to go over "it" but now it's him educating me and we're off to the races. yeah!!!
I had a truly shitty night. At around 2:00 am I am up and moaning with the most vicious chest searing somebody-kill-me-NOW indigestion you ever heard of... took till 3:00 to be able to lie down again and even then I think it was just sheer exhaustion. Took me a while to draw the line between that pain and a deli sandwich from lunch yesterday... It was good, but it was also the very last time I have a 'ricotta cheese, fried red-pepper, fresh tomatoe and 'top secret dressing' sandwich.

See ya.
ps. I'm still laughing 'bout BB last night...

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