Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 9

Today was nice... busy, but I was all over the place.
Really nice new coffee place - actually it's a "crepe" place, but they have good coffee.
Really nice!
Literally, next door to out office.
la la la... :D

Saw TTA mid morning.
Again with the awesome.
Of note was a very specific spot on my upper right butt cheek.
It's evil painful when she works it.
Really good results with releasing whatever it is in my ITB, glut, f-something and hip-flex.
Gym right after and a really seriously good upper body work out with lots of foam roller on legs, and stretching...

So totally digging lebanese fattoush (sp?) salad...
A shwarma place near the gym feeds my habit. :)

There's this big deal going on in Canada right now...
Some court struck down some aspect of the prostitution laws...
(part of some effort to render some support for streetwalkers-safety)
We're talk'en... provinces trying to sort out how and if brothels are going to pop up.
Devils in the details... I'm sure, but the point is that the situation has opened up all kinds of debate.
You see, they can't make selling sex for money illegal.
I'm sure lots of folks have lots of reasons to say turning tricks is horrible,
an abuse, the land of addiction, pain, suffering, blah blah blah blah...
And I laugh at you.
The issue... all those bad things... are part of streetwalk'en.
Deadly dangerous.
But not part of all prostitution, per se.
The only difference between a streetwalker's deal,
the dinner-and-a-movie-slash-blowjob girl,
A full-on gold-digger
Let alone a good old fashioned normal courtship...
is your attitude...
but the law isn't about attitude.
Its about facing the facts.

you have to unwind yourself
nobody's going to do it for you. :)

(deep voice)
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