Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 7

Today was a busy day.
I had to drag myself out of bed... left late for work...
And ended up getting downtown about 10 minutes later than when I leave on time.
I ran into deb and she complimented my timing on wearing my pheasant... aka: turkey.. tie.
Little does she know... I just grabbed the one that worked with brown trousers and a white shirt... :)
I got yer thanksgiving... right here baybeee. :D

Busy morning... and a quick trip to TopOfTheWorld to buy a new ride.
And I bought new ramp knee pads.

The later afternoon was all about a doc appointment...
Stocking up on maxalt!
More work and making it home in time to take Ed to karate.
I cut that super close and ended up having Ed bring a change of clothes...
So I changed at the gym complex where Ed takes karate,
Got a starbucks... and went to break in the new deck.
I asked it to drop in and that went great.

My heart goes out to Hungary and the evil red tide.
So unfair... because you know... a giant, massive, holding reservoir AT ELEVATION, filled with toxic sludge...
Well I mean... who could have foreseen such a tragedy? Who... Who...

Geo was out with friends after school...
He's all girl-friend'ed up.
So far... lots of time and meals over at her or - more often - a mutual friends house. (every young relationship benefits from the neutral territory rule).
The thing is... we're the guys parents.
So we'll meet her... if we're lucky. lol
It's like being Chachi's Parents :)

The way women behave in the audience at Dr. Oz...
Is disturbing.

K... see ya.

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