Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 6

~ argyle wednesday... argyle in motion. :D

So... yesterday was gorgeous,
and today was nothing but rain.

Of course, today was Ed's school field trip.
YM/YWCA Outdoor Camps... sigh.
Harnessed rock climbing... in the rain.
Canoing... in the rain.
Forest obstacle course... in the rain. :D
Suz was a parent volunteer.
Suz brought an umbrella.
I went to work. :)
la la la...

For it's own sweet reasons,
Today was seriously great.
Rain and all.

Salmon for dinner.
Catching up on TV for dessert.

I went to see TTA* yesterday.
Still having a problem with how tight my right quads, IT and some other muscle that starts with an S.
So I go explain myself to Tracy...
Started above my knee...
Worked her way to my ass.
She had me well and truly crying out ... loud.
But she was working it.
Again with the immediate improvement!
I'm going back on Friday.

* TTA: Tracy The Awesome (

I am all about the long run.
when I'm decided... it's done.
Sure, this is tempered with "I'm not stupid".
Enough to know when to cut, run or fight
But that's a story about the exception.
This is a story about the rule.
And when I decide I care about someone...
It's done.
... just say'en. :)
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