Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 5

Today was a truly grand fall day.
Sun everywhere and it got kinda warm even... :D lol

~ today was also our anniversary.

Nineteen years ago today. :)
We had a very cliche wedding...
In a little church with lots of family and friends.
We made a lot of promises that day.
Although... they really were only affirmations
Of choices we had already made long before.
We had been together for four years
By the time we decided to give the rellies a show.
... we still laugh together until our sides hurt.
And I still love my darling zebra.
And she still loves me...
See how that works... :D

On the morning of your anniversary,
You are well advised,
To begin that special day,
By sitting up in bed,
Looking deeply into one another's eyes,
And saying,
In unison,
"thank you for putting up with me."
~ and then go about your day. :)

:) see ya.
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