Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 4

So today started off well and good.
Freezing freaking cold, mind you... oh frosty lawn you look so cool in the pre-dawn light.
It did manage to stay sunny. :)
But work... work was good.
My office, so the mini-commute, and got good work done on three different projects.
Had a great shot at the gym today too...
My current goal is be able to bench my own weight for ten reps.
I'm ten away from that now... so I'm getting close. :)

Now the day took on a decidedly dark tone
when the business day drew to a close.
As I stood with co-worker, longboard-skater-dude, talking about helmets...
I popped my trunk to go through gear,
... and realized in a rush of shocking mental images,
that I left my deck on the side of the road - beside my car,
yesterday... after the skate park while Ed was at karate.
I changed my shoes, and stuff at the trunk... and mindlessly
loaded up and drove away.
with no hope beyond doing what I should do,
I drove out there and had a look around.
Suz wants me to list it lost on kijiji...
... and I guess I will, but I know there is no freaking way.
Some kid has it and he'll scrape off the sharpie "corto"s all over the board
Re-tape it and skate it.
I actually "lost" my own freaking skateboard. FAIL.
At least I'm not overly attached to it.
The deck was new but the trucks and wheels are three years old.
three? I think three.

Here's a thought...
There is no epidemic of "bullying" going on in schools today.
What there is, is an epidemic of bad parenting going on in homes today.
The school thing... is called "impact".
If you think getting tough on bully's...
Is going to solve the problem,
I suggest you grab another beer and get back to the game.

When you smile,
I thank the sun for shining.

K... time to go.

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