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Wind it up baby...

I have the serious head nodding thing going on here... hehe.. sheesh I am such a freakishly happy person.. I think I'll drive some people around here nut's with that today.

I gotta distribute this song to out internal mp3 server... and make everybody play it at once... the entire crew (which is pretty small right now.. a lot of peeps are on contract) doing the head nod would make a great AVI...

This reminds me, I need to make an avi (inspired by miss banana girl) for my web site... just a little teaser... suggestions? I mean sitting there and saying Hi is kinda wankish... I'm thinking a voice over something or other... erg.

(~ reaches in drawer and pulls out a few little hits of choco covered crack... OMG I'm loving these things... )

Ok, and just one thing... for the permanent record. Ed just had me practically shooting dinner out my nostrils last night... He and Geo had finished first so they were chill'en in the family room while Z and I finished up ... Now the boiz are all about telling us jokes... the never ending stream of "knock knock" jokes that don't make sense... but you better laugh... and the endless variety of takes on the "Why did the chicken cross the road ..." Now usually it's Geo with the Joke. But Edward comes to the table... remember he's only three... half the time he has no idea what he's saying... and he says to us... "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Me: "I don't know Ed, why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Ed: "Because it's just a stupid chicken!"
oh geez, I love those guys...

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