Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 3

Geez, I had a good weekend. :D

yesterday was all about awesome,
with mad consumerism early in the day,
then suz and I went out to "the bay"
to help a friend with her move'en. :D
One of those times when the real
reward was the chance to be helpful
on such a special occasion.
(congratulations jessy!)

Suz and I spent the rest of yesterday with Ed.
:) (Geo is quite the boy-about-town with his friends these days...)
She's just getting past a really nasty week of having a cold.

Another great sleep-in today (for me, that means 9, where as
everyone else in this family would rather sleep till noon. lol)
Today was yard work, taking Ed to karate, playing at the skatepark
and then driving Geo downtown to get his head pierced.
omg... hahaha...
So he wants "gauges", which are those dumb-ass tube-things in your ears.
You start with pierced ears and then slowly stretch'em (over many months)
Using increasingly larger "gauge" metal tubes.
Optionally, you can have the initial holes made with what looks like a spear tip...
and have a gauge put in straight away.
This is what Geo wanted.
This is what Geo got. :)

~ dude...

We were doing some "family game night" last night and played the original Careers game.
As always, suz won handily. :D
The thing is... while we were setting up... pouring coffee's and grabbing snacks...
Ed was casually standing aside in the family room with this long plastic thing in his hands.
And like it was nothing... he was twirling it through a complex pattern that always paused
in these dramatic poses with the stick prone like a weapon.
This is the boe training coming out.
(I have no idea how to spell "boe"... it's a long wooden stick they fight with in karate)
Of course, when he realized we were looking... he stopped. lol.

LOL[ :: this entry from October 3, 2002!! :: ]

I'm walking through the moments of my day
Overcome from time to time
By the uncompromising urge to smile.
It is nothing, and it is everything.
Most of all, it reveals the truth.

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