Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 1

His lordship was clearly in shark mode.
Today was exceptional. Just say'en. :)
Worked at my office... which translates
into not driving through evil traffic.
And no TIE!! :)
Reports and research, the gym and a
short visit with my old clients... they're
considering another contract.
So it was time to bring my old boss a latte. :D
I ended up having a grand time, eating ice cream cake,
and visiting with the old team, and the awesome amigos..
Spent a while sorting out bills with
It's kinda pathetic. Pretty much every bill has an error of
one sort or another. They're always happy to hand out
the appropriate credit and you can usually guilt them into
giving you a ppv credit or something...
Suz was just saying...
"imagine how many people just pay their bills and never look at it..."

Three really great things about today....
The great vibe from the office visit...
Seeing Jessy's smile after she got the call about her key being ready.
And the gym...
They gym?
I asked a friend (pete) to meet me at the gym
and spend a little time helping me up my plan with
the weights. Great advice and a great new plan.
I'm not exactly sure how I managed to make
friends like that... but I cherish them. :)

Oh yeah... and I'm off to Calgary in the middle of October.
And click clack moo... the Shaw Millenium Park is right there.
(Largest non-pay skatepark in North America)
la la la...

I love banana bread and
the movie "Scrooged" is outstanding... every time. so many "lines".

~ I'm smiling... r u
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