Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 29

oh man, I freaking hate driving through rush hour.
Not enough to get me up and out of bed in time to drive downtown BEFORE rush hour...
Hates traffic... loves his bed. :)

~ shirt and tie... argyle sox. :)
~ full on day with the downtown clients.
~ good gym time at the downtown gym
~ I could look into your eyes.
~ all the sick people around me would hurry up and get healthy!! :)

Canada is finally retiring our current Governor General.
At long last.
Seriously... this woman has been on camera, weeping, at every turn.
Am so sick of her.
I mean, the GG is an anachronism all by itself.
Lets hope the new guy doesn't come with his own line of hankies.

I need to buy new skate pads.
I know one of the folks I know here in LJ land is connected to a skate shop...
hmmm... :)

i am sooooo going to bed early tonight.
Very tired these days...
Must be getting old.

Later. :

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