Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 27

No real clue what it was like today. I mean... I drove through it ... twice... well, three times if you count the at lunch.
I think there was rain. I know it was cold. :(

~ all dressed up in the purple shirt and tie...
~ and never made it down to client land... waste of a clean shirt. :)
~ to go see clients ... but the galactic core made a call and now I'm a new kind of busy.
~ gym...
~ for fit_girl_jessy’s upcoming move... to be smooooooooth.
~ and that sugardarlin1225 finds the peace she is searching for...

The news reports on the Commonwealth Games in India.
Way to showcase your country India.
Oh wait... that was India?
So... when one of the athletes uncovers another problem with their room,
And they call the Participants Support Line...

I don’t care what the circumstances are,
The default posture of the law
Should be that an abusive spouse,
Looses all custody rights.
A man capable of abusing a woman
Is not fit to parent.
Just say’en...

I don't like the saying...
"no good deed goes unpunished”
It’s just stupid

K... time to go.
See ya tomorrow.

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