Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 23

Yesterday was a crazy long day.
Started early... well packed and ready to go...
With a whole bunch of seminars to go to.
This included the one my boss was doing.
He did great. :D

Best part was the afternoon. :)
My ankle was (is) still tender ... if you poke at it... but the mobility was back and mostly pain free.
So... Boss brought his big-ass camera bag (he's a canon camera guy) and we went to the monster skate park for the afternoon.
We had a great cabby who just kept out bags in his cab and came to get us at the appointed time. :D
I'm skating away and Boss-man-big is snapping away (at me and everyone else... lots of cool pics!!)
And the Tony Hawk Bird Cage Skate Team shows up. Eighteen wheeler and all.
We had to leave before whatever festivities they were setting up got into full swing, but there was lots and lots of skating going down.

Then... airport at 5:00 ... home (through the door at home) at 1:00 AM.
Long process to get home.

~ beige day, tie and all.
~ woke up on time... considered my options... went the heck back to sleep. :)
~ work at 10 ish.., gym at 11, more work after gym... but when i settled down to study some documentation... and I started fading away.
~ so I came home and slept in my bed, instead of at my desk.
~ That the rain would stop so the kids can have some fun tomorrow at the Fair!!! It's Carp Fair time... I type about this every year at this time... :D :D It's the dumbest, farmers fair ever and the kids in the rural school systems (i.e. our kids) are let out of school to go. They freaking love the fair... LOVE It. Lol.

I watched Zombieland on my iPhone, on the airplanes...
I totally enjoyed it.
Very disposable... but lots of fun.
I am trying to watch "knowing" but finding it painful. "Painful" as in... it's frustratingly bad.
I so wanted it to be good. :(
ah well.

The Louisville Visitors Center gave me a shirt to commemorate my journey on the bourbon crawl.
I'm going to make a shadow box to display it with the Louisville Bourbon Passport... and hang it on the wall in the theater room. :D

k... off to watch more fun tv.
Every show in my line up premiers this week. !!
So many shows... so little time.

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