Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 20

Yeah, I know it's already Tuesday...
i was busy... :D

Actually at this precise moment... I'm pretty sure I'm drunk.
and I'm positive I have never... in ten years of journaling... made a drunk post.
('cuz I almost never drink... - instantiating the work "almost" here...)

Long day in seminars and conference stuff...
Although the pulled pork sammich was ok... but still... pure bad-for-you-food for breakfast and lunch.
(I was all over the veggi / cheese table when it showed up)

I am very fortunate... :)
I was at another new skate park today...
The "Louisville Extreme Park" build for some big competition blah blah blah.
It was completely awesome.
Big place... lots of kids. Big age range. But skate kids are skate kids... they are always way nicer than you expect. :)
And now it's just a seriously huge park. :D
[ :: Very nice place. I put a you-tube vid up about it. :: ]

And then... at like 10:00 after killing myself in the skatepark,
I find myself catching up to my boss and coworks who are on the "bourbon crawl" (get yer stamps) thing.
I finally got a giant Caesar salad with chicken in the last bar I stayed around for...
Unfortunately, I know own a "Bourbon country Passport thing... with stamps in it!!! (sigh)
Remembering that I almost never drink...
and understanding that fancy ass Bourbon is some serious liquor...
the drinks went directly to work. :)
I'm such a cheap date.

~ so I started in dark trousers, white golf shirt, red shoes...
~ came back to hotel (2 block walk) to change into jeans mid morning...
~ back to hotel at 5:30 to change into gym clothes...
~ back in room at 6:00 changing into shorts and a tee...
~ back in room at 9:30 to shower and change back into the jeans and white golf shirt.
~ now? now... ginch and a black tee.
~ crazy day...
~ went to six seminars, worked the company booth, walked and talked to a lot of booth creatures ...
~ for an ankle that is ok in the morning.. ice right now and heat later...

Yeah... I got more actual value-add information in 30 minutes, walking the vendor showcase booth zone at this conference,
than I have gathered from the sum total of every painful hour spend at GTEC shows in Ottawa over the last 20 years.
Le sigh...

Flying yesterday was ... a bit brutal. Small "regional' jets from Ottawa to Chicago and then Chicago to Louisville.
I'm earning my sleep these days. :D

K... I gotta git . :D
See ya soon.

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