Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 17

~ purrrrrcy. :)

And along came a sunny day.
Bit on the cold side, but it's late September.
I guess I should start thinking about accepting that the heat is gone. :D
(this is my way of putting the whammy on the whole thing and making it get hot again. :D :D)

~ yeah... friday and in a tie.
~ apparently I was wearing a burberry tie (sp?).
~ (a very random compliment from a stranger)
~ my office first... get travel plans sorted out... (leave sunday night
~ downtown... more interviews...
~ the gym...
~ more work...
~ and then home to make pork chops. :D
~ that my zee stays safe on her long drive tomorrow!!

Ok, I'm sure this is like a classic "blame hollywood" thing,
but to my ears... Pope Benny-hanna sounds exactly like
the evil interrogator nazi SS officer in every WWII movie ever made.

I'm kinda marveling
over the notion
that I'm sticking
with the gym stuff. :)
~ although, I really need
to do more ab work.
I mention this, not just
because of my giant ego
but also to mark the occasion
of having noticed that I've stopped
noticing a pain in my gut
from the last hernia op.
Today... noticed after the gym.
I am well pleased.

~ sending you a note when climate related migraine triggers are impending.

:) K... see ya.

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