Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 16

~ my iphone in it's new argyle sweater... [ :: can be seen here :D ::]
Thank you apple... thanks Speck!
I only people I know personally that bought I4's... all opted for the argyle case in the "apple free case program". :D

Stupid rain. :)
Lots and lots.

~ nice stuff again... down in swanky town...
~ downtown again through the big stupid (aka: rush hour traffic)
~ managed to get to the gym and go to a great lunch with a little debby ;)
~ and after work, to George's school's open house night... yum. a gross disgusting cold bbq bulk burger with a mr. mugs (hello "loose it") lol.
~ for a very sweet girl (tonya) to find her way to a restful night...
~ and that jessy gets some really good mojo and finds the house she wants most! :D

happiness is a personal challenge.

Driving home from work ... crawling along the queensway westbound, rain everywhere...
I see a big ol full size Coke truck... traditional red paint and the huge logo across the side.
My very first thought was about how the mere sight of that truck inspired a sense of nostalgia.
And, NAWOAL... ten seconds after the coke truck was out of view...
Along came a full on Pepsi rig... cutting through the same rain, chasing after the coke truck.
... the pepsi truck inspired no emotional response. It was just a truck.

Lane: "... it's not pie!"

:) see ya.

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