Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 14

So yeah... fall.
I had high hopes for a hot september...
Not happening.
Rain, sun, clouds, wind, more sun... more rain.
Totally skitz day, weather wise.

I typed most of this... sitting in a starbucks, sipping a dopio-long, waiting for Ed to get out of Karate. :)

~ again with the new clients... so a tie and all that... brown trousers.
~ noting... the new pants... the charcoal and the brown pants... they fit. snug, not tight,
but I have to go down a notch on my belt when I wear 'em. Just say'en... ab days are paying off. :)
~ early morning drive time... with the dumb stupid rush hour crawling taffic.
~ first-thing meetings with the swanks (swanky client, gorgeous building, all ties and nice office stuff...)
~ back to the west end in time for the gym at 11 (nice gym day... good mix but lots of abs)
~ office to finish presentations to use tomorrow morning... promoting to my old (awesome) clients - the ones I was with when I worked for ... the evil emperor and his high council of dread.
~ and home in time to take Ed to karate... (took out frozen salmon for dinner).
~ that the rock'en good plans in the life and fast times of fit_girl_jessy... stick with her. :D

Apparently... I'm going to be in Kentucky when all the cool shows start up again.
I mean... sure... PVR,
The trick is finding time to watch'em.!!
I am looking forward to...
How I Met Your Mother
Hawaii 50
Big Bang
Stargate Universe
~ just not sure if I'm going to be able to do Survivor again... but...
Amazing Race!!! (weeeee!)
~ and I'm already enjoying S6 of weeds. :D

yeah... smiling.

Digging work
Really! :)

(note: I just typed something to do with luck... but erased it, because I'm that rediculous. Yes, I figure if I say ... that... I will totally jinx it and it'll all go bad. Because I believe my journal has that power over my life... pretty sad huh. :D LOL)
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