Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 13

There was rain... 'cuz I remember using my wiper blades.
Today was all about autopilot.
I had a plan and just went through it.
I remember brilliant sunshine too...
So rain, sun... nice clothes, clients, gym, cars, office
Lots on my mind.
It was nice to break out of autopilot before making dinner.

After dinner, I was standing outside... just watching the most amazing cloud deal-y-o.
It was a thunderhead, forming to the left a bit, with giant swirls, pulling up, and vast sweeping rolls of cloud moving overhead.
It was also very dark. Pictures completely missed the glory of it all.
Then the rain came...
It finished forming and got all lightening and loudness but way after pushing past us.
Really cool.

~ yeah... all comfy clothes now...
~ but it was purple shirt and tie day with the new clients.
~ half day at the clients... actually longer 'cuz someone was talkative...
~ downtown gym day... wow it's a different crowd at the downtown location. (I prefer it out in burb land)
~ back to my office to work on a presentation for another client... prospective client.
~ home to make easy chops (pork chops in tomato soup base, with rice and cauliflower)... total autopilot meal...
~ that my little Ed's sniffly nose is not a sign of nasty times ahead. :( School just started... !!

Life is all about making mistakes...
Living is all about summoning the courage to try.

Sometimes you have to choose.
When that time comes...
I have to say,
Talking is a better option.

~ and then he smiled, took a deep breath, and relaxed again.

k... see ya soon. :)

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