Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 10

Ok... kinda cool out... but the rain stopped and mama sunshine came out to play.
:) It was great to need sunglasses.

~ friday baby... skinnies... white shirt and new gray/blue argyle. :)
~ oh, and red vans.
~ k... all about the crazy. Three-client day... all over the map.
~ very ab gym day... (was great... when you're trying... an ab workout can seriously wear you out.)
~ back at it till rather late... (and I still managed to bring work home... but I'm not complaining. Not even a little. They are exceedingly fair with me... so I'm happy to be fair back. :)
~ saw a man about a horse...
~ brought home pizza for dinner. :D
~ for the next stage to arrive for rini's tiny mommy can get more sleep.

more on the whole book burning thing.
Preacher Man is completely wrong to poke that hornets nest.
I mean... remember the reaction to a freaking cartoon?
I mean... "hate" is not illegal. All y'all are well within your rights to hate.
What's illegal is promoting your hate.
If you want to burn a copy of the bible, the tora or the koran (quoran?... whatever)...
Go for it.
Go buy the book, bring it home, take it out back and burn it.
That's something between you and your book.
Going on yer soapbox and getting people to hate along with you?
That being said...
I was listening to O'blama going on about how this puts American Troops in danger.
"this puts our sons and daughters in harms way..."
Pot... Kettle... Black!
Who the heck put America's son's and daughters in a foreign dessert with guns in the first place?
What the heck???

Very little will happen in my life
That will reward me as well
As choosing to help someone out.
I know I'm not the only person to feel this way.
So it goes without saying...
You do ... a lot,
When you let someone help you.

I was s'posed to have my second-sleep-test night this Sunday.
I had it sched'ed for August but a trip south made me reschedule.
It was all set...
But I got a call... letting me know that because my second test is after September 1,
It is officially falling victem to a new government rule that requires me to see a Sleep Specialist before the second test.
... and now I have to wait (prol'y months) for that appointment. :(
Meanwhile, I stop breathing every few seconds every moment I'm asleep.

K. :)
See ya.
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