Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 9

Another rainy day...

Still trying to get into the school thing.
Hard to get up in the morning... but we'll get "in the groove".

I have to say... the crawling traffic commute thing
Is just the stupidest thing ever.
Yes, I did the full on across-the-city commute for years... but that was then.
This is now.
I swear man... my actual office is ten minutes from my house and that is awesome.

~ yeah, I was on today... new shirt, nice tie. :)
~ client day... swanky office building... quiet day. Still readng background material.
~ crazy great gym day... just really kicked my ass on an upper body day. Downtown cramped gym. lol. :)
~ pick up Dora.
~ make spaghetti for dinner... love the fresh garlic :)
~ for tonya to keep those shoulders back. No prisoners sugar... :)

So Pastor Mental in somewhere-ville US with his Burn the Koran day.
It is a massively irresponsible thing that he is doing.
Dead right is dead and when you cause someone else to be dead...
Even if it's dead right ... let alone someone else dying because you are busy being right...
Is killing.

Don't get me wrong.
I think I should be able to burn a bible on Sunday and Koran on Monday...
If I owned the books... I can do whatever the heck I want to them.
And totally screw off everyone else.
This is called "You're religion is not the boss of me."
A conplex concept for some... I'm sure.

Never the less... There is no "right" in poking a hornet nest with a long stick!!

Since high school... I've had this friend,
We can call her Deb...
Because her name is Deb...
We were super close friends for a few years after HS
She was always in a relationship (same guy, nice guy, they married... still married)
We were only always ever just awesome friends.
I love her to pieces...
In all these years... I still keep randomly and by design,
Finding opportunity to see Deb and keep the friendship.
Today... I arrive at my clients swanky office tower...
Step into the elevator... nose to nose with Deb.
~ looks forward to lunch next week. :)

Somebody digging a hole, somewhere near here...
Cut the Rogers lines.
So... our house lost home-phone, internet and TV.
I mean... yeah, it was off in the afternoon while I was at work.
so no big for me...
but I get home from work and there's all three of them with long faces.
they all play this "God Finger" game on their ipods...
Which requires wifi.
It was all better by dinner.
Meanwhile... have iphone... can teather. :)

K.. time to go. :)
See ya.
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