Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 8

Hello again rain.
Kind of a chill day, but the constant t-storms last evening made this a foregone conclusion. :)

Fricking Dora is getting expensive!!
And I still don't have her back.
So I'm still driving the loaner toyota.
So far, the breaks work and the gas peddal doesn't stick. :D

~ I wore one of my new argyles today. Red and blue. :)
~ although, that was a while ago... I'm a slob in pj pants now.
~ busy, crazy busy, day
~ trying to get one project to reach it's conclusion...
~ ignoring the project I go back downtown to work on tomorrow...
~ ramping up two more... one in florida and the other in california.
~ begin planning a trip to Kentucky later this month... (!!!)
~ excellent gym vibe at lunch... lower body...
~ and a great coffee zone after the gym.... :)
~ to send big props out to innerly!

I'm kind of walking in a fog right now.
It's not a bad fog... it's just that so many things are going on.
In the space of two days I find that...
I will likely be in Freemont, CA sometime soon...
And I'll definately be going to Kentucky...!
Work is all about being busy.
and life is just freaking amazing. :)
My boys are getting into their school mode nicely...
sugar-zee is as lovely as ever
(and we're doing the "Team" thing well!! :D)
and my heart is ... filled up.
... I feel ... I feel awesome!

um... There are some seriously nice skate parks in Louisville, Kentucky.

Today was good...
... thank you.
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