Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 7

Wake up pre-dawn... pre-alarm... watch the rain for a little bit.
Then climb, all cold, back into the bed beside my little furnace girl.

The day came and went in a flurry of weather. Nice T storms over the dinner hour. :) (right over our house... so fun. :D)
However, the middle parts of the day were just sunshine and blue sky!! Strange day.

~ All dressed up for work today... wore monday clothes... yes, I know.
~ up and at 'em nice and early. Suz and I got the breakfast routine off to a great start, and I hit the showers to be on-the-road by 7:30.
~ sadly, my "on the road" experience, included a great many almost stalls. My car would stall the moment it was left to idle. Not good in the worst rush-hour traffic of the year.
~ started with a new client today... downtown Ottawa. Swanky. :D
~ there was a Goodlife gym right across the street! :)
~ home after a dumb long commute to make a great dinner ... breaded, baked, pork chops, garlic mashed (with a half a head of cauli hiding inside) and fresh road side corn-on-the-cob. :D
~ That fit_girl_jessy feels a whole lot better tomorrow!! :)

News out of places like Pakisthan...
Just makes me look around and quitely thank my lucking fricking stars.

The way we care for one another...
Is an honest and true measure of a culture,
Of a community,
Of a person.

Dorra, my poor pitiful mazda, was in rough shape this morning.
My parking break is hosed, with the light coming on while I'm driving... and not actually working well when I'm using it.
My engine light came on and the car was all about stalling as soon as it idled...
And, seeing as we're already in the weeds, my rear shocks appear to suck balls.
So there.
I called my mechanic from the highway on the way to work this morning...
then I called a cab to meet me at the mech's.
I got to the mechanics and one of the guys came out to tell me to shoo away the cab that was waiting... Hello "loaner". :D
I still have the loaner and they still have my car... I hope she's all better soon.
And don't bug me about dorra. Not Dora, the wee mexican...
Dorra, the name of a small ship in an old Robee Heinlein book. :)

K... see ya.

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