Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 5

So Saturday was all about the wind...
... and the groceries. :)
Made a loblaws and cost-co run.
Getting sorted for the whole "schools in" lunch vibe.
Its going to be a long September. :)
Starting with the resetting of the kids internal clocks. !!

However, today is sunday... i'm sipping coffee and watching the first epi of Firefly... just for kicks. :)
Oh, and it's frick'en cold outside. !! Seriously.
Good times.

~ clean stuff... :)
~ up to clean and bug kids out of bed... (resetting their internal clocks is not going as well as I had hoped)
~ I can get kids to bed earlier tonight! !!

I find airport experiences remarkably intimidating.
All of that is because of the amazing power lowly airline employees have to totally screw your life over.

Saturday was the_bean's wedding day!
Congratulations sugar-notes.
Very excited for you... for you both.
And I'm looking forward to pictures!! :D

Walking the outlet mall...
Walking around the big ass mall in Syracuse...
One cannot help but notice the very large proportion of fat people.
I'm not talking obese...
I have great empathy for those folks that suffer the curse of a metabolism gone haywire.
Their struggles are remarkable.
I'm not talking about those folks that just don't have a choice.
I am, however, talking about 40+ lbs overweight folks in line at the fast food counter still wiping their last snack off their overtight shirt.
I'm sorry but you guys are not fat because popular media pushes unrealistic stereotypes of beauty in your face.
You're fat 'cuz you eat too much, drink too much, and don't do anything.
And you're raising fat kids.
Which is about where the whole thing starts to seem like a crime...

... no, I'm not trying to be mean.
but omg people... wtf is wrong with you?

oh look... Monday!
Oh how I love the holiday Monday. :D

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