Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 2

So our cross border shopping extraveganza is going well.
We spent the whole day at the"Premium Outlets" mall in Waterloo, NY.
Izod, Tommy, UnderArmour, PacSun and Zummies have a crap load of my money!

Off to Carousel Mall tomorrow... then home.
Nice long weekend at home... and then, oh look... a school year. :D

~ still wearing the shorts with the stain... :)
~ a full day of walk'en and shopping.
~ we've spent a small freak'en fortune... sigh.
~ however... there is new argyle in my world. :)
~ I could a good picture of Geo and Ed.

Driving through a wee town called Seneca Falls...
On a restaurant hunt.
Most memorable element?
Fat old guy, no shirt, playing with a stick.
Cute town... but still... only memory will be that guy.

When I go shopping, I have trouble getting stuff...
I spend most of my time looking at things I wish I could get for other people.

~ K... time for sleep.
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