Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 1

~ a too warm pool at the holiday inn. :)

So we pack a few clothes in large bags and head to Syracuse with mostly empty luggage. :)
Yes... we plan to shop and fill the bags. :)

~ shorts... that, apparently, have a slightly green stain on the ass. We packed very light... so it's these or jeans. :) (way too hot for jeans!!)
~ to spend the day in a car. Actually, it's not so bad... about the same as a drive to Toronto.
~ for a sweet girl... to keep it all together!!

Just say'en... long drives hurt my ass. :) I could use a really good tush massage.

My long long long time friends, tonya and innerly are both in their own private versions of nasty-land...
I know Cris will be well cared for... and I am bending all of my available will to the hope that darl'en Tonya gets either good news or manages to hold onto that awesome power that is helping her face her demons and smile!

~ k... I'm tired and need to find my way to sleep...
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