Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 31

~ putting on my walk'en shoes...
... soon. :)

Crrrrrrazy gorgeous day.
Again with the "bit hot" thing but I can deal. :)

Last day of work before a mini vacay.
We're driving to Syracuse tomorrow to go before-school-shopping.
And I have... so many days off in a row...

note to self: totally nailed my ankle and thigh skating today. :(

~ totally up in it today. Pale purple shirt, purple tie, dark trousers, etc... got a "you clean up good" from the boss. :)
~ and yes, that can also mean "dude, slob land every other day...".
~ office first... sort out my mini-project (wrapping it up this week!! - I hope).
~ downtown at a swanky office building by 10... starbucks in hand, and a "kick off meeting" with my new clients... starting up next Tuesday.
~ "next Tuesday"... because I'm off work for the next six days. :D La La La... :D
~ at the gym by about 11:30... great work out today... feeling a bit driven... :)
~ quick meet up with zee at my office... and another meet up at my old clients offices, to bring a baby-gifty (clothes) to a girl there that's gonna pop in September...
~ finished up the day... and home to drive Ed to Karate.
~ Suz is off with some friends for dinner,
~ Geo and I do a skatepark while Ed yells and kicks...
~ home ... MTG (magic the gathering... yes, I know... it's fun. stop it! :D)
~ Stargate, cover the ramp, and get packing.
~ to point out that picking-your-battles is insinuating that you select only a very few battles to ... you know... battle.

Big day for the US tomorrow.
If you peel away the nationalism, patratism, and spin...
You realize this is pretty much going to be described as,
"mad bombers that invaded, and occupied, are backing off and leaving a shattered city behind...."
by a vast, vast, vast number of people around the world.
Just say'en...

I went to my old clients offices today.
Just a quick pop-in to drop off a baby gift.
... and I dropped in on my manager, et. al. to say hi.
my heart grew two sizes at the reception they gave me.
It's so nice to be able to feel that. :D

Friends and friendship...
The two most significant ways that life reminds me of
How fortunate I am...

~ goodbye August. It was nice. Thanks. :)

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