Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 30

~ picture... i'm digging the iPhone app "Hipstamatic". :)

Tad bit hot today actually...
~ an otherwise perfect weather day...
We have had a petty good summer this year.
I'm not complaining.
Great weekends and lots of warm.
Beats a cool summer of rainy weekends... which, curseyouperrytheplatapus, has happened and will likely happen again.
So yeah... :D

~ monday's best... brown, black and beige.
~ I did this whole... "get ready" thing Sunday night... lunch made, files packed, gym bag, etc. etc...
~ this truly made the morning thing... a total breeze. :)
~ busy day not working for the florida clients... because that's over.
~ new clients (in Ottawa) starts tomorrow. :D
~ although I've got high hopes for follow-on work with the florida gig. !!
~ gym... now you have to understand... this gym stuff is fun... but it's also craz'ily important. Thanks to skateboarding torture, my right knee has been in constant ouch... right up until I finished off a lower body workout today.
~ made spaghetti for dinner... You know, you can add several shredded carrots to a nice garlic'y, meat'y spaghetti sauce and nobody will be the wiser. :D
~ walk after dinner (experimenting with saying "Clean up the kitchen while we're out" to the boys... LOL)
~ fed coffee and tea to my units who dropped in for a wee visit...
~ looking forward to SGA...
~ that tonya ... finds her way to clear info.

The really serious geo-political-social issue...
Is that local, municipal, city, whatever, elections are the absolute most important elections.
Those are the people that will have the most direct impact on your day to day life and your plans for the future.
The issue?
Those are also the politicians that you most seriously want to bitch slap.
Every time they start talking...

Regret serves no worthwhile purpose.
We don't have actual eye balls in the back of our heads for a reason.
Sometimes... what is behind you, is of no concern.

weebsurfer... I've got me some mug action!! :)

later sk8rs. :)

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