Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 29

So I made it home safe and sound on Friday night... despite it taking forever to get out of Charlotte.
I actually ran into a co-work in the gate area in Charlotte... his desk is right beside mine at the office. lol.

Overall I would say I had a most successful trip to Florida.
Hindsight being what it is... I can see several things I would do different with that particular CIO dude...
Now I just have to let the sales cycle take over.

And, of course, the best part of the trip was the skateboarding.
I am still sore. :D
Worst pain? My thumbs.
The pads of your thumbs get chewed by grabbing your board (grip tape)

The weather idiots have us down for nothing but net for a whole week.
Kinda rocks. :)

~ comfy shirt, shorts and a smile.
~ a relaxing day!
~ up while the monkeys sleep, to clean up the kitchen, fold laundry, eat and even go out and say hi to the ramp with the admiral.
~ got one monkey up 'cuz he has Boe class at noon (stick fighten boy)... and he needs to eat an hour before that class...
~ take Ed to boe and go to the skatepark while he wields his mighty stick...
~ home to clean out my car... play in the yard... decide I'm too hot and come inside. :D Thank goodness for AC. :D
~ the rest of the day is a wash of nothing special... It's sunday afterall. :D
~ k, see... bit of a headache thing been going on... so I'm all about the self-indulgent desire to be headache free...

Apparently my fair city... Ottawa, is a hotbed of international terrorism with homegrown headcases plott'en and plan'en.
The good guys caught them before anybody got blowed up.

Seriously looking forward to the gym tomorrow... !!!

I need to think of something for dinner. :)

~ watching Phineas and Ferb again... "swinter". :D

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