Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 26

So last night... I posted my "daily" and was about to get my project "client edits" finished...
But I thought I'd... you know, just rest my eyes for a minute.
10:30 to 2:00 AM in a blink.
So stayed up long enough to make the edits and hit the hay.

That picture!!! I asked a guy to snap a shot of me dropping in.
I gotta say, he got a great shot. :D
There were only a couple of little ones in the park tonight.
Lots of teens this time... and few late-20 types. :)
(I continue to be the oldest dog in a helmet... lol)

It's cool how everyone at the park falls into a groove of "order",
Letting each person take their run at the park, following their own line the landscape of walls and bowls.
You watch these guys... trying over and over and over to get some "move" right... wipe out, bail, bail bail...
And then they get it.
And you see the smile as they stay cool skating away from the end of their line.
I'm telling you... skateboarders are some very serious athletes and they suffer for their passion as much or more than many an elite athlete.

My "over and over and over" today was hitting a bowl from the back side... my back is to-the-center-of the bowl... and making it around in that horizontal carve thing.
I smiled and gave a little hoot - likely very uncool - when I nailed it... :D

~ a pair of ginch and a smile. :)
~ prep a presentation in the morning... deliver it in the afternoon.
~ auditorium day went much better than I anticipated...
~ and I had time to make a run to RonJons to exchange a shirt I bought last time, buy a couple of things... (like a new skate helmet) before lunch. :D
~ good weather = go directly to skatepark after work... stay there for three solid hours of fun and crawl half dead back to my hotel room...
~ immediately go for a swim in the hotel pool to cool off. :)
~ to point out that "vigorous skateboarding" burns some serious calories (as per my "Lose it!" app).

K, I wouldnt know what to call this, if it wasn't for knowing that one of my friends has been around the block with this...
Out of nowhere... I look down at my feet and see this ... this bone! poking out from the inside edge of my foot,
below my big toe... right one 'side ball' of my foot.
I think this what you call a bunion. !!!
at rest, my big toe is pulled away from the "beside my big toe toe" and it is normally pressed right up against it.
So I ask myself...

I get to go home tomorrow.
... I miss my family.


oh, and I ate half a large pizza for dinner.
just say'en...

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