Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 25

I drove home from work through pounding, sheeting, rain... lightening...
rivers of water...
and yet, the awesome (designed by Team Payne) skate park 10 blocks south... is dry. :)

When todays meetings wrapped up... I hightailed it to the hotel, crossed my fingers, grabbed my gear
And went to the [ :: cocoa beach skatepark :: ]
I figured, I'd take pictures if it's soaking wet and try again tomorrow.

I was like a kid on christmas morning.
The park was empty... I was the only person... just rolling through... slack jawed...
I dropped in right away... just made that not be the big thing...
Then the others arrived...
three little kids... two girls and a boy... all about 11...
A teenage boy... a thirtysomething... three total skate team quality teens... and me.
The kids were great... all of the people there were great... :)
I talked with the little kids' care givers... then their moms (when the "moms" came back from the nearby tennis courts)
One little girl and I were challenging each other to dropping in on higher and higher walls...
I was dropping in on walls that are easily as high as the highest drops at the ottawa park - which I had hither to considered a bridge too far.
Dropping in over and over and over... flying across concrete... sailing up 15 foot walls... 180... driving back down again...
There are these "bowl shapped" things that ... if you have your speed right... you just power into them, your body goes horizontal and centrifugal force holds you on the deck as you fly around the ridge.
Freaking amazing...
I did manage to get a new scratch on my helmet (thank god for the helmet) as I completely fell upside down on a wall... bonking head, and flopping onto my back, sliding down the wall... but it just hurt... it didn't injure... except for the scratches on my back. :)
After three hours at the park... easily skating for two and half of those hours... I was cooked... or, cooked enough to know that I ought to stop before I get really hurt.
I shed at least two pounds of water... I was drenched.

~ two small slits for eyes...
~ ok... some clothes too...
~ Day 1 of work in Cocoa... spent the day in Rockledge,
~ go skate!!
~ eat a giant dinner...
~ work on client driven revisions...
~ sleep like a little baby...
~ that I'm not too sore when I wake up tomorrow. :D

So ... work.
What I do, or who I'm doing it for, isn't all that important.
That being said... this week is all about presenting the findings of my first big project for the new galactic overlords.
I have a "client contact" and a group of "client sponsors".
I presented everything today to the client sponsors.
In my self-concious imagination... I secretly worry that they will throw me out of the building after I present. :)
Today... no throwing out. :D
They loved my stuff...
They want a few changes, but they dig it.
Tomorrow I present in an auditorium to all the collected people at the client org that I interviewed.
Tomorrows job is to let them criticize the fndings ... so tomorrow will be a little less "they love me".
Friday... friday I present to my client sponsor's boss! The dreaded CIO presentation.
I have high hopes that this will all go very well. :)
(knocks on wood).

Lets just wrap today up in a big bag of awesome and leave it at that.
Great freaking day.
And I cannot believe how exhausted I am.
Every part of my body is screaming at me.
I have to do a crap load of stretches and ... I do believe I will just go to bed. :)


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