Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 24

~ unnatural light... on my balcony, overlooking trees and a pool. :)

Woke up and actually stayed-up... no snooze for me. :)

I made great time to the airport... drive to park-n-fly and bus to airport...
Arrive to realize... I left my phone in the car. ;(

Park-n-fly bus back and forth and instead of making good time... I was cutting it close.
I've been refused before for not scanning my passport a full 2 hours ahead of my flight.
But I made it...
customs was a breeze... I was the only customer. (so cool... clearing customs can be a solid hour in a hot line up with stressed people. Getting through so quick... is a win.:)

I left sunny, beautiful Ottawa... and arrived in rainy, cloudy, icky florida.
What I need is sunshine for several consecutive hours...
Enough to dry out the Cocoa Beach Skatepark.
See... I packed my helmet and pads... and carried my deck. :)

~ shorts, tee and some ketchup... but I'll clean that up later. :)
~ all day in airports, airplanes, and rented cars. :)
~ that my family stays safe, healthy and happy while I'm away.

I watched most of "The Green Zone" on the plane... .
The story of the US invasion of Iraq... fills me with anger and frustration.
I was blogging when that went down...

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[ :: Frustrated humour : March 20, 2003 :: ]

Little tiny 7 year old russian girl sat beside me for the long flight from Newark. :)
She was adorable... and a good traveler. Her mom (et. al.) were in the row infront of us, and little sabrina made no complaints the whole trip.
she's on her way to Disney... We talked about her fav Disney characters and her hope to go to Typhoon Lagoon. :)
It was a nice way to pass time.

k... I'm going to bed early tonight!! I mean... before midnight early!!
It's 9 now... cross yer fingers. :)

K... see ya.

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