Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 23

Yeah... I am the cheat...
this pic was from Saturday night... but it's just cry'en out to be shared.

His name is Etienne and he always make that face when a camera snaps. :)

Today started with driving rain... :(
I kept snoozing from the wake-up bell...
Love sleeping in when it's raining.ore

But it cleared up and decided to just be a beatiful day.

~ was cold!! I wore the argyle. :)
~ busy morning dealing with secondary project... getting that ready to be on it's own for the week.
~ gym... which was awesome... :D
~ back from that... to listen to the head of HR talking to a co-work about issues getting TN work visas.
~ one thing lead to another and they were incensed that I am running a giant risk waiting till tomorrow morning to see the Homeland Security dudes.
~ so.... I made a mad dash for the border this afternoon... Drove to Ogdensburg...
"can you take that ear piece out sir!"
"And where are you headed?"
"Here, actually... to interview for a TN work visa..."
~ hour later... all done and visa-ed up for three years. :D
~ home to make dinner while Geo sat for fit_girl_jessy's kids (at our house)...
~ evening walk and ta da... now it's now and I'm typ'en.
~ still to come... SGA and packing.
~ I have an 11AM flight to the US so I have to be there at 9... :(
~ next stop Cocoa...
~ that all my crap fits in the bag... (I'm bringing all my skate gear this time... :D)

Just by being imperfect
You seal the deal on being wonderful.

Dear Kellogs Raisen Bran:
Please begin marketing little luch-able boxes of "Raisen Bran Raisens".
Thank you.

Time for coffee...
Time to pack...

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