Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 22

So I made ribs on friday... burgers, salad and prepped baked potatoes on Sat morning...
Suz and I were all about relaxing after cleaning up on Friday... :D

And then a wee bunch of friends from where-I-used-to-work...
Came over ... for a little "bring your kids" bbq.
After a summer of endless sunshine... it rained. :)

We had such a nice time... lots of food, and we even managed to eat together at the dining room table
Instead of the eat-where-ever thing that often happens with bbqs... (A meal is best, when shared with good company).
It was so nice to have them over!! I loved having the chance to give them a night. They've earned it! :D
And I have to say, Geo was a pretty outstanding magic man in keeping kids in good places...
Despite assuring him that he didn't have to babysit. :)

~ jeans... kinda cool out today.
~ job jar day... included a trip to home depot for bits and pieces... replaced switch plates, got light bulbs, trimmed the lawn edges, blah blah blah... lots and lots done. :)
~ bbq chicken for dinner and an easy, rainy, gray evening. :)
~ looking forward to big brother tonight. :)
~ my little sugar (zee) manages to shake the headache...:( there will be neck rubbing... :D

So I was just deciding... should I think of something to say here,
or should I just go and watch SGA with the fam... :)
(see ya...)
~ er... ok... so I gotta take the garbage out first...

Dinner last night...


I bought one of those induction chargin Wii controller re-charge-bat deal...
(cost co... 26$)
Seems kinda cool.

K... time to jet...
garbage and sga await. :D
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