Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 20

Long, busy, sunny and totally lovely day. :)
Only could have been better if I had made it to a skatepark.

However, I missed my "friday deadline"... by just a few mins. :D

~ started in jeans... moved to shorts... ended in pj pants. :)
~ groceries in the morning...
~ home to do some big clean'en and make ribs for tomorrow...
~ more cleaning. :)
~ go to the gym with Suz... upper body... great work out!! :)
~ make roast beast sammiches for dinner.
~ and ... wash floors for dessert. lol
~ nice evening walk... and some stargate atlantis with the boys.
~ I didn't have to avoid using the "wishing" section for weather related wishes... See, years ago, I convinced myself it was bad karma to wish for good weather in my "wishing" section... and ta-da... I cannot bring myself to do it... because... you know... you know for absolute sure... the first time I do... I will be burned!

~ time is compressing.
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