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Hey Lj.. that's a wrap.

for this work week at least.

Great things happened this week... a many of them have a whole lot to do with my Lj friends. You guys rawk!!!! It's going to take a really major screw up to wreck this weekend... I have every expectation that this will be perfect.

Good advice, great planning and the very best of intentions... it all goes a long way to making things work out... ya know.

As I hit the road to read my print of a days worth of friends postings... my mind fills with thoughts of Laini and hopes that her boi (brendan) is going to be ok... this must be just amazingly hard for him to deal with. My heart goes out to laini of course, but for her family and Bren, well, I have great empathy for them. Peace in your heart Laini. Take care to not fill the time you have with negative energy... You travel with so much love... let it hold your spirit and your heart in a warm and comfortable place. If there is any fight left... embrace it... but only embrace it for yourself. I love you sugar sweets.

I wanted to also that that Jen (applelard) is one super little chickeeta... "Little?" ha! 5'10" is some tall girl action there. Sorry I'm just getting goofy over that lj pic she's using. September will be 5 years with her man and that's a lot baby!

pssst... am I the only person on the planet that thinks librarians are dds? (drop dead sexi)

And Jessa? you are sooooo loved. Don't ruffle your own feathers. Enjoy the love that is here and everywhere for you.

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