Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 19

This is how I start a day-off that wakes me up with sunshine. :)
Up at 9 and leave for skatepark by 10... home again 12ish.
90 minutes of having-a-great-time. :)

~ eh... day off... shorts.
~ go skate...
~ then we were going to all go to the new museum of nature...
~ but we ended postponing that yet again. Instead, geo had a friend over and they filled their day...
~ I started a little planning about having friends over on Saturday... and started cleaning. :)
~ big bbq dinner (geo's friend stayed over)...
~ I had a half-hour chair nap after dinner. (love those. :D I just have trippy little dreams and get sooo comfortable)
~ went for a walk with suz and Ed.
~ moving pictures around with suz
~ and ... now just kicking back.
~ for kitiara's new addition to find everything to his liking. :)
~ I had seen Eddy Izzard perform when he was here last winter...

Ya ever notice that [ :: Peter Griffin's ::> ] chin...
Looks a lot like [ :: truck balls ::> ]?

Every minute I get to spend with kids...
Is a minute well spent.
To be truthful... it's a minute invested.

yeah... I'm getting a bit into the vibe for my trip next week.
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