Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 18

Super beautiful day...
I mean, seriously.

~ dark stuff... blue stuff... :)
~ day dedicated to reading stuff from the florida clients... (going there next week)
~ great gym time ...
~ and I spent a good long time playing on the ramp after work. :D (beams)
~ I had a cool fish tank. Maybe someday... :D

The npr and cbc radio vibe is all about why we (the giant people in the West "we")
seem to be coming up short in the "aid" department for Pakistan.
K... I'm not saying they don't deserve help... and I mean... lots and lots of help.
It's a crazy huge bad geo-political-game-changing bad thing in Pakistan.
But people aren't reacting like they did for Haiti... or Indonesia (tsunami)
I don't think aid should be tied to politics...
But we're not talking about me...
We're talking about "the numbers".
And those other guys didn't have Taliban boot camps inside their borders...

Using "Lose it!" (iTunes app store app for iPhone).
You track what you eat and what you exercise based on a carb budget.
Not sure I dig the cal. accuracy of things... but it's fun to keep track of stuff...
It updates a web site and you can go look at graphs and crap...
Or hook up your track with a friends track... and, I guess the idea is support each other
as you work towards goals.
My goal is "maintain weight".
Based on my height, weight, age and gender they assign a cal budget.
Mine is like 2300 cals per day.
I can't eat that much, unless I eat fast food.
Well... I get additional cals by recording my exercise.
If you use Lose-it! and you don't mind sharing your truth...
Add me on your lose-it friend thing (
Personally... I totally dig the twist in tonights "veto night Big Brother".
LOL... !!! ahhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!! :D

See ya.
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