Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 17

~ out front of the gym at lunch...

Today was ... a really good day. :)
I know there was sunshine... it always seemed to be out when I was...
but there were clouds everywhere and little moments of rain that, as I said, I completely missed. :)

~ safari boy...
~ well... work. I bailed on the first few days of holidays, and take Thursday and Friday off. (seeing as our little family trip was put on hold)
~ and I have to say... work is really going great. :)
~ gym was exceptional. Enjoying a workout... really makes it exceptional.
~ Ed's still out of sorts, so no karate...
~ Geo babysitting a friends kids for a couple of hours...
~ pizza...
~ and a whole lot of relaxing...
~ kids came over to play on the ramps...
~ oh, there was an afterdinner walk in there somewhere... :D
~ to point out that I really dig my new phone. Big. :)

Think of how much money was spent on the whole so-called "bail out" business for banks and big business.
Can you imagine what would have happened to the effectiveness and efficiency of our national (let alone international - considering the balance of trade in agriculture) food supply if that money had been spent to prop up and invigorate farms.

Geo was taking care of fit_girl_jessy's kids after work today.
Busy kids... but so adorable. :D

I know the world is big
Filled with things I know nothing about
But one thing I know for sure...
Children grow up.
This is why they invented the word "cherish".

k... see ya. :D

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