Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 16

There is a bowl of "raisen delight" sitting on the stove waiting to be awesome... er... cool enough for chowing down. :)
(classic "pudding" recipe swimming in a caramel sauce. :)

I'm sad to say there will be no Syracuse this week.
I'm still (knock on wood) the picture of health.
And I'm alone in that regard.
Well... Geo's all better, but he's still nursing his cough.
Shopping waits till after Florida next week.

~ yeah, so work... at work. Clearly not in pj pants.
~ right, so today was "pop in" day... which became stay-all-day day... mostly. :)
~ good gym time... a bit quick, but I was rush'en.
~ I had a healthy family. Alas... (earwax)

Saturday morning... big morning. :)
I managed to get to the big park by 10:30ish.
Skated 'about. Like only four other people there.
A few mins later I was there... standing over the ledge on one of the bowls.
And ... score! :) first time dropping in on an six foot concrete wall.
I dropp'ed in on it at least a dozen times and ... was absolutely in rocket-boy mode. :D
This is at the 'big park'... on a big bowl. Granted, not the biggest bowl, but that's just the next goal. :)
So happy. :)

oyi. I bought a [ :: case :: ]for my phone...
It's an incipio "feather". It was an "open box" at Future Shop... so a good deal on my temporary case (waiting many weeks for the argyle). :D

K... time to go. :)
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